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The Hop Yard Team

The Hop Yard is fully supervised by Tessa Duffy the Managing Director of Symbol. The day-to-day managers of the Yard are Florentina Dalton, Project Manager and Pete Elliott, Creative Arts Manager.

Peter Elliott

Both Florentina and Pete have worked with Symbol for many years with Pete having been part of our Symbol Academy as an assistant teacher and as a Co-Worker with our Speech and Language Team. Pete is very keen on assisted communication; he is a fluent signer and passionate about making the world accessible for individual’s with additional needs. Pete has been part of our camp programme for 12 years supporting young people from all over the country who come to take part in our summer programme. Pete has supported young people and adults in mainstream schools, colleges and work settings. Pete runs our Kent based Talkabout Group and is an Artistic Leader with responsibility for Music in The Hop Shed Theatre Company. Pete is in the band Mr Zenn and is a talented artist and musician. Pete is known and loved by many of Symbol clients; once met they don’t ever seem to forget him!

Florentina Dalton

Florentina Dalton has been part of Symbol since the very beginning starting as a volunteer in our camp programme as a young teenager. Florentina studied Fine Art at Winchester School of Art and returned to work at Symbol following her graduation. Florentina has worked within our specialist residential centres, camps and our intensive short break programmes for the past 5 years. Florentina is a very practical artist enjoying a range of skills and interests ranging from fine art, textiles and baking. Florentina is a skilled painter, dressmaker, knitter, printer, sculptor, baker and gardener. Florentina has considerable experience supporting individuals to enhance their range of creative interests as well as developing their personal and practical independence skills. Florentina is a natural teacher with a calm and fun disposition.

The Hop Yard team are all very carefully recruited using the highest standards in order to safeguard all the people with whom we work. The team are all subject to enhanced checks and are rigorously supervised. You get full control over who works with you and we do our utmost to match someone to your individual needs and wishes.

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