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Activity Centres

The Pen and Ink Studio

Both fine artists in their own right Florentina and Pete offer a vast array of creative arts activities such as pencil, pen, paint, textile design, sewing, fashion in fabric, print, wool crafts, felt, silk, paper mache, sculpture and model making plus many more. Activities as diverse as cake making and decoration are available. Participants will be encouraged to learn new skills, develop great interests and increase their own ability to self occupy.

The Music Hall

Led by Pete, The Music Hall is about all things music, performance and film. Participants can learn or just mess about with instruments, make music on the computer, record their own music, learn to use their voice, production and acting skills. With video and recording facilities the Music Hall will enable all our budding stars to strut their stuff. The Music Hall has a strong link to our Hop Shed Theatre Company withopportunities to take part in amazing inclusive Theatre.

The Fur and Feather

The Fur and Feather is a animal centre where participants can come along and learn how to care for animals and enjoy being in their company. The Fur and Feather opens its doors at our open days to enable children to get close up and personal with animals, allowing them to feed and pet our furry and Feathered creatures. As such you will be able to care for the animals as well as show themto the public at our events. We also aim to take our animals to local shows and county events such as the Kent Show at Detling. Among our animals are cockatiels, budgies, rabbits, rats, guinea pigs and hamsters, sheep, goats and a pig.

The Horse and Cart

The Horse and Cart is our equine centre at The Dray in Hollingbourne. Here participants can have hands on experience in all stable and yard duties such as haying, making up horse feeds, mucking out, sweeping the yard, filling water buckets, clearing fields, rugging grooming, and of course riding and horsemanship. Participants can learn to ride in our safe arena and enjoy hacking out in the lovely, local countryside. Do as much or as little as you like whilst building your confidence around our wonderful good-natured horses.

Chicken Dippers

Chicken Dippers is our unique Hen Project. Producing fabulous eggs that we will sell from our own Market Stall at local craft and food fairs and by special order to local buyers. Our hens are all free range and organic producing lovely eggs for all to enjoy. Participants can come along and help look after the hens, gather the eggs, prepare them for sale and then join us at the market selling to the public. All proceeds from the sales of our eggs is reinvested in the Hop Yard.

The Land Army

The Land Army is our project working on the land and growing flowers and fruit and vegetables. The land army is based at Church House and The Dray with the former running a market garden with a small holding at The Dray. It is our opportunity to get out in the fresh air and down and dirty in the land. Great fun with great food at the end of it.

The Ham and Pickle

The Ham and Pickle is our catering studio where participants can learn to cook and prepare food for their own use and for sale. Where possible we will use ingredients from our own land in order to help us understand the benefits of fresh food and home cooking. We are ambitious with our cookery, and excel at turning ‘fast food’ into fine cuisine. Lots of fun and good eating involving menu planning, food shopping, budgeting, preparation, cooking and kitchen cleaning!

The Market Stall

The Market Stall is our own market stall that we take around local farmers and craft markets selling goods, which are produced across the breadth of our activities. This provides participants with an opportunity to take part in real work with the general public in fully inclusive situations and make real use of the skills being learned such as production, selling and money handling.

The 'Out Out' Night

Join us on our famous nights out. Come along, have fun and try some fab new social events. Transport is available either from your home or from our Hub pick up points. Our nights take place all over the county so there will definitely be a good night out in your local town.

The Jump Club

The Jump Club is a disco club run on the first Saturday of the month. This club is run by Florentina and Tilly Duffy one of our volunteers. The Jump club is all about music with drinks and snacks and is held at Church House. The club kicks off at 7pm and finishes at 10pm. The cost is £4 per club. Just turn up on the night. Full support for everyone who comes along will be provided. More Jump Clubs will be starting soon across other towns in Kent and Medway.

HopShed Theatre Company

The HopShed Theatre Company is part of the famous ChickenShed inclusive Theatre training programme. The HopShed brings together people of all ages and abilities to produce outstanding theatre. Participants can join the HopShed Theatre Company which meets on fridays at the Hazlitt theatre in Maidstone. The HopShed Theatre Company offers outreach workshop across Kent and Medway. 

The House

The HopYard runs its own self catering house in Whitstable where you can learn to run a house - Shop, cook, clean, laundry, bed making, gardening and maintenance. The House is right on the beach and the Hop Yard team works together to get the house ready for guests; a real life, commercial venture to help you learn skills for jobs. We also run a range of our activities at The House where you can enjoy a fabulous location and have fun.

Talkabout Club

The Talkabout Club is a discussion club where you can explore stuff like keeping safe, respect, privacy, learning to act independently through good choice making. It's an opportunity to hook up with friends and develop your confidence, communication and assertion skills. Talkabout Clubs happen at various venues. Get in touch to find one near you.

Sleep Overs

The Sleep Over service provides short stays in Whitstable, Newington and Maidstone. Sleep Overs can be for

one night or as much as a weeks holiday away. A great opportunity to get together with friends,

increase your independence and have time away from home. Everyone is welcome!

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