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All of our programmes and individual support we offer attracts Direct Payment funding. If you are in receipt of direct payments, DLA or a personalised budget or just want to spend your own money, you can do so to pay for The Hop Yard activities. We operate as a fully inclusive ‘agency’ under direct payment arrangements so we will provide you with an invoice and you can pay us by Direct Debit or bank transfer in order that the audit trail for Direct Payments is in place.

Our fees are dependent upon the exact nature of the support you require. We do our best to keep our costs close to or within the direct payment allowance. You do not have to pay any national insurance or employer’s costs or employ anyone at all, you commission us to provide your service and we do the rest.


Please contact us and we will be pleased to discuss your particular circumstances and prepare a detailed breakdown of costs for you. Please ring if you would like advice on accessing funding for the Hop Yard.



Dickley Court

Dickley Lane



ME17 2DD

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